Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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So I had a needle biopsy -

It turned out that what I had before was an aspiration with the biopsy needle; they yanked tissue and biopsied it, but it was a different procedure. I'm confused. But this was utterly different. This needle was in a holder that looked like a ray gun.

But this? They stick it in and they dig around, and not only can you feel it scraping, but you can hear it scraping. Aaaaagh.

Back up, though.

The first nurse has a pretty good idea of what's up with my breast, and the doctor concurred - it appears that it's not uncommon to have a thickening that feels like this... when one loses a lot of weight. She got me started talking about my meds, and when I mentioned extreme weight loss she about snapped her fingers right there.

They think I haven't much to worry about. They'll let me know when they get results on what they grabbed, but the doctor said that this doesn't feel quite defined enough to worry about, now that they know about the weight loss.

Also, the nurse said that the people who aspirated the cyst they thought was Fred were on crack. (Not in so many words, mind.) Because something as small as the cyst they aspirated would not have been detectable by a self-exam, and Fred so very much is.

So. I am uncomfortable when I move my right arm. Which I'm doing to type. So I'm going to stop doing that now.

Thanks for the good thoughts...
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