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Happy birthday to my dearest tablesaw!

Hello to returning reader and cool-chick-I-just-met katfireblade!

Tingly-face, slight balance issue, slight disorientation. Exhaustion.

Bad day yesterday, too. I must have overdone it on Saturday.

Overdoing It
The problem now is that I can't tell when I'm overdoing it. When I'm having really bad side effects, I can tell - but when I'm mostly okay, I've no way to gauge when I'm pushing myself, dammit. *sulk* So. That's another thing on the agenda. Figuring that out.

Arisia ought to be interesting in that regard.

A big part of me looks at my date with the breast surgeon on the calendar and says "Y'know, I bet that the lump and associated symptoms are nothing; there's no need to slice me up. Or see this doctor. Cancel cancel cancel!"

Adam said, "You're telling that voice to shut up, right?"

I am. But. Eek.

That's tomorrow afternoon. Best case scenario is that it's nothing, just the fibrocystic breast change the other doctor thought it was and the other symptoms are nothing. Worst case is that I'm riddled with the stuff. But I have informed the universe that I simply have no time to be sick. So.

Still only rarely getting to read any of your journals; please to be pointing me to anything you want me to see.
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