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wispfox said: I have repeatedly had people compare kidney stone pain to the pain of giving birth. Why the _hell_ does anyone ever have children, if this is true?

And I said, and shall re-say here because something interesting came out:
Pregnancy rocks. Your body becomes verra beautiful, and you get that glow, and you are very happy because OMG there is this little person inside and okay, she just wedged her foot between my ribcage and my skin and that is uncool, but *wiggle* and ah! There's the little flutter of movements rippling your belly. And you get to imagine what kind of person she's going to be, and it gives you happy tears just thinking about how amazing this all is. (Oh, and people treat you like royalty.)

And then there is the pain so agonizing as to defy description. And yes, you say all of the things that you never think you will; you try to quit and go home; you scream and scream and scream...

And then you forget.

I'm not saying completely, and I'm not saying immediately. I mean, in the near future, it's going to hurt really bad just to pee for like a month, and forget about pooping. And child teething on breast = unpleasant.

But the capacity to bring up the full memory of that pain... just disappears. You can't reference it in your head. The theory I hear is that if you fully remember how painful it as, you'd never do it again.

And me, I'd do it again.
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