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Have I mentioned that I hate insurance companies?

Like, A LOT?

EDIT: My panties today say either "i hate everyone" or "i hate everything". I forget. They're accurate. And they are purple, and thus match my sweater.

Insurance update... Elayna has a tooth growing, like, in front of her teeth. I regard this as a bit of an emergency. The insurance bimbo is all like "der?" and refuses to acknowledge the fact that she can fax a form to the new doctor authorizing them to treat her before February 1. I know that they can do this because they did it for me last year when my impacted wisdom tooth broke the tooth next to it. But this woman is a moron. So. What I have is an authorization number; they'll cover her treatment up to $100. Thankfully, my parents are here today, and the new dentist can get her in today, so my parents can help out on costs over $100.

The new dentist's office says this isn't totally uncommon. Not common, but not unique. So. Maybe they can put off Major Work til Feb. 1 and just do X-rays today, if that's what they do? Obviously I'll follow any recommendations. It's my kid's mouth, y'know?

Other hatin' - Our building is all locked up. But there are signs everywhere saying that the loading dock doors are open. But they're NOT. Which means we got no mail delivered. Which means that I have no faculty applications to process. And believe you me, I am gonna need the whole week to process 'em. So. Called building manager, called lock shop, called post office.

Called breast surgeon's office back, as they'd left a message. Turns out that they just wanted to let me know in advance that they were going to send me a packet of information. They didn't want me to be surprised by the packet of information. Erf? I know I'm going to the breast surgeon next week. Why would I be unduly shocked by receiving a packet of information about breast surgery? Ummokay.

*pant* *pant*

Elayna doesn't seem unduly concerned about the dentist. "Maybe they'll pull my tooth," she says. No fear. She shall get a little present afterward.

So yeah. That is my day so far.
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