Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Monday Monday

Had an ehh day yesterday, mostly cognitive. We'll see about today. I haven't been having many effects in the AM at all - yay!

Have been dry-mouthed.

EDIT at 8:35: Vision slightly boogly. A little befuddled.

I accidentally posted the second part of the little Napalm storybit publicly, so I'll unlock the first part. It's copyright me, 2005, blah blah blah.

As posted on Saturday: m0usegrrl has had a lot of shit on her plate, so the 2005 Shayara calendar hasn't gotten done... so I'm going to post a page each month of what would have been the calendar page. This month it's what might have been the calendar page, as Napalm is X'Ana's favorite character, and his pose & stuff are really up to her; that's how he posed in my head, but he might've done something different for her.

X'Ana and I are pretty symbiotic in this. Part of why she's the ideal artist for Shayara - not just is she mind-blowingly talented, but these characters are almost as alive in her head as they are in mine. They speak to her too. Napalm the most. So while Capri and Halloran's pose comes straight from me, some of the others can come from either of us. Napalm. We sussed out Fenris together; same with Lyric.

I get so excited about her art... because sometimes - with incredible frequency, actually - it seems like she downloads this stuff straight from my head. Images that have been there for years, that I never thought I'd see - because until I met her, it was going to be a series of novels, not a comic - are finally there in front of me, in the real world.

Question for Atlantans
People who moved here from out-of-state: To transfer your driver's license, did you have to take the whole driving test?
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