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And what I wrote.

I already knew, from a conversation that I've yet to type up between Napalm and Lyric, that Napalm has a big-ish family, and that Tessa reminds him of his sister.

It only makes sense for them to stop by when they're in the area.

So. What I wrote continues beyond this; if people care to read, I can post more. But this is where it starts, with a typical Napalm phrase...


“Are we there yet?”

Tessa sighed. “Napalm. You know exactly where we are. It’s your sister’s house. You tell me.”

He grinned and bounced in his seat. “We’re almost there. Like, ten minutes.” He turned to Lyric. “You’re going to love Ellie and the kids! And Dave, I guess. Dave is boring, but he’s a good guy. But Ellie rocks. And the kids are so cool.”

Johnathan rolled his eyes. “Kids. Great.”

Napalm craned his neck to look at Johnathan. “No, seriously. These kids aren’t brats. They’re awesome kids.”

Johnathan snorted. “You’re not exactly qualified to judge.” Lyric glared at him, and he held up his hands in mock-surrender. “Yes, yes, I know, your boyfriend walks on water, can’t do anything wrong, blah blah blah.”

“I’m not her boyfriend,” Napalm retorted reflexively.

Lyric’s face fell. She turned to look out the window, tracing patterns in the dust. Tessa watched her, a little pang in her heart. Something had to be done about that. The poor girl had enough trouble without pining after someone too old for her.

So strange to think of it that way; physically, Lyric was only one year younger than Napalm. Physically, a relationship would be fine… and would probably have existed from day one. But mentally… Lyric was only one of several personalities in that body, and while the body was sixteen, Lyric herself was about eleven years old. Old enough to have a very strong crush. Not nearly old enough to have a relationship. Thankfully, Napalm was extremely unlikely to forget that. He’d taken her on as sort of a project, at first… acclimating her to the group, to having actual friends, after her years of solitude. Expanding her song-lyric vocabulary. Within days, however, their friendship had grown incredibly strong. Which might be affecting Johnathan, actually; he’d always been quiet, but he seemed to be more out of sorts lately, and Tessa suspected that it wasn’t just due to the impending encounter with strange and probably-hyper children. He and Johnathan were close friends, but Napalm was spending most of his time with Lyric these days. Shiny-thing syndrome. Someone new. Tessa was confident that this would settle before long… for now, though, she added that to her list of conversations to have with the kids. Try to talk Lyric down from her crush, and try to reassure Johnathan that Napalm would stop being quite this obsessive over Lyric before long. Somewhere between that and her other responsibilities, she would perhaps find time to eat and sleep.

“We’re here!”
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