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My aunt: "I wish you could stay here for a month!"

Dude. Me, too. Imagine that... actually having enough time in Deland. Spending time with Morena and Farren, too. And Kires.

Imagine spending a month or two relaxing. Imagine time off.

This is what I'd love... I want a wealthy patron. I want to be able to take a vacation. I want to do that stuff, and then to hole up at my aunt and uncle's island house with my computer and just write, with no interference.

Modern society is so stupid. Seriously.

Having fun now, though - Kires bought a bunch of really bad sci-fi and horror movies. I mean REALLY BAD. So we're mini-marathoning. I'll provide movie reviews later. But yeah - movie and snuggling and listening to his cat squeak - she does not meow, she SQUEAKS - is of the good.

I shall probably be home Thursday, if all goes as planned.

To address an inevitable question: Adam needs needs needs time alone. Like oxygen. So this is ideal for the both of us - me stuffing myself with cookies in a house that I am not responsible for cleaning, and him having total solitude. :)

And now, dinner at what Kires assures me is the best restaurant in Belle Glade. Because it is the only restaurant in Belle Glade.
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