Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Merry merry...

The child actually slept til 7... it's a $WINTERHOLIDAY miracle!

She continued the Christmas tradition of not realizing that her stocking area was hers because there was so much stuff. The Big Gift from Santa - a keyboard. And there was other stuff... Neopets and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, candy, activity books, a spa science kit, a jewelry kit, a Barbie, and the long-coveted Chia Pet!

Dayum. I'm glad I'm not Santa. (My birthmom is Santa; she's making up for not having been Santa for me.)

And there was other stuff, and the gift orgy was somewhat restrained this year, actually, which is of the good. And there was lots of coffee, which is very much of the good. I'm still tired, but such is life. Oh, dude, I was so tired yesterday... side-effect-wise, all I had was tunnel vision, and only a little bit, so since I didn't *feel* sick, I really overdid it, and I slept half the day... the effects were harsher today, so it's been easier to pace myself.

I got great stuff, which I shall link to when I get home. :)

I am just staring at the screen between sentences, so I should rest; we're heading out to my birth-aunt-in-law's parents' house at 1. Their gift to Elayna was a box full of Hershey's kisses. They don't know she's allergic. But the box itself was the gift - beautiful glittery shimmery porcelain, with a big bee on the lid. The kid digs insects.

My girl.

I lack energy to describe other gifts. Weird. But yeah - we are verra happy. And we have a plan worked out for tomorrow evening and Monday, for Morena & Farren time. Yay! And tomorrow during the day we're going to Cassadaga to see psychics, because that's where my birthmom got the reading from the psychic who knew she had a daughter and told her to go look for me.


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