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Have arrived safely. Only three hours late. *growl*

Having excellent time so far. Once again, I lament... why couldn't I have grown up with *this* family?

Elayna is shrieking in the background, but it's a happy shriek. It's the shriek of running from an older cousin wielding a basketball, with the full knowledge that she will get the basketball Very Soon Now herself...

I like it here. I don't like a whole lot of places. But I like it here. And I think that, one of these days, I'm going to end up here-ish. m0usegrrl and I have talked about St. Augustine...

To be here, to be un-city-ish, to be near Morena and Farren, and the only family that I like. 'Twould be good.

Yeah. I really want that.

I was writing last night about what I want in life, and I made the simple statement of "I am a writer." And then I sat there for a bit, trying to define that in my head. And I ended up writing, regarding that quest for quantification, that sometimes a big part of being a writer is knowing when a simple statement is enough. So. I am a writer.

And I want to be here.
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