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14 Girls in 14 Nights - Annie

By request...

Name: Liane Michelle Farrell

Orientation: Bi.

Origin: California

Significant Other(s): Her husband, Nicholas, died about ten years ago. No serious relationships at present.

Siblings: Carolyn, three years younger - no spark of Dasaroi blood or talent.

Child(ren): Shawn.

Appearance: It's boring to say "typical L'Arathi", but she is (and so was Nicholas) - chestnut hair, worn long and usually braided. Pale grey eyes bordered with dark green. Annie's usually seen in jeans, T-shirts, and Frye boots. Excellent cheekbones. (I don't know why that comes to mind - it just does!) She's aging gracefully - her hair is shot through with little stripes of silver that almost match her eyes.

Story: Annie is one of only two characters that made it from the very first inkling of my story through to this iteration. Her story has changed completely, but she hasn't, if that makes sense!

I'm trying to come up with stuff to say about her that wouldn't spoil things. This is difficult! But you're allowed to know this - she and Jessa, and by extension Nicholas and Fenris, were inseparable for a good chunk of their teenage years and beyond. And the fact that Jessa spent her life, by necessity, in the spotlight, allowed Annie to do what needed to be done behind the scenes...
Tags: shayara, shayara.annie
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