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Awesome. Mail Day.

I got more presents!

murnkay and I have a competive thing regarding gifts. I gave him the Baby Jesus Butt Plug for his birthday in 2003, and had thus won. Unbeatable gift.

Until now, when he gave me The Complete Far Side.

Monkey wins. For now. Well, really Adam and I win, because we get all of that Larsony goodness, but you know what I mean...

And I got a nifty coffee mug and a book from tsarinanic... and I squeaked and kissed the cover of the book, because it was Just a Geek, by Wil Wheaton, and I *heart* me some Wil Wheaton! *bounce* Thank you, Nickie!

And I'd been wondering what tablesaw was getting me, because he said that I would love it and that Adam would hate it. And Adam and I have pretty similar tastes. So.

tablesaw gave me the complete series of Fancy LaLa!

Fancy LaLa is a lovely story about a girl and her phallic magical pen, and her dinosaur bunny fairies. My experience with Fancy LaLa is a lovely story about a girl at a con, an indie comics artist, a fabulously filthy-minded fan-sub, a car with an enormous lobster on it, a toy kiwi, and the catchphrase "Magnificent Growth!"

This story is illustrated. And once I learn how to operate my scanner, I will scan the picture, post it, and tell you this story. Whether you want to hear it or not.

Also, cards from pbmath and magenta_girl, and a save-the-date card for magenta_girl's wedding! *squee*!

Awesome mail day and I love all y'all. I have actually been napping for like 4 hours because my body is not of the good today. And this so rocked to wake up to.

Also my new bras from Victoria's Secret came, and I hafta walk around and see if I like them. I shrank out of the style I used to like. St00pid shrinking body.
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