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14 Girls in 14 Nights

I left off this project soooo long ago... but now I've got Jessamyn on my mind! So. Here I go, filling in the blanks.

Name: Jessamyn Donnelly (ni'Tamra)

Orientation: Bi - mostly straight, really, with Annie Farrell being her only girlfriend ever.

Origin: Shayara

Significant Other(s): Fenris. Always Fenris. He was her first lover, and a true partner - but when she fell for Marcus, Fenris left her, unable to deal with her loving another man. Unable to see that she didn't love him any less.

Yes, he was eventually able to cope with her relationship with Annie. Yes, it's a double standard. No, Fenris is not perfect.

And it's Marcus that she married.

Child(ren): Capri Sara Donnelly.

Appearance: Average Tamrani height - read, "short". (Not as short as Capri will be at her full height, though.) And delicate. Essentially, just imagine Tiala na'Roth, because Jessa looked more like Tiala than anyone in generations... with caused no end of wondering, when she was a kid. Her hair was wavy and golden-blonde, and worn waist-length til she and Fenris broke up... she cut it to shoulder-length soon after. A gesture of grieving, or just frustration with the upkeep? Too late now to ask. Just as her hair was a purer gold than most Tamrani, her eyes were a purer, more concentrated color - but instead of distilling a more usual blue or grey, hers were a vivid leaf-green.

Had she lived old enough for wrinkles, they'd have been laugh-lines.
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