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I hate writing thank-you notes.

Don't I get like at least two months to do this? When I am also having cognitive side effects? And had bronchitis kicking my ass til very recently? I mean, etiquette says like a year, right? Can I get, like, two months? Because my mother-in-law has been haranguing Adam about it for a bit now.

I just did seven of them. Shut up. I have to do five more for his side, then just a few for my side. I'm just annoyed.

I just grabbed a double handful of empty pill bottles. My empty pill bottles for less than a month. And carried them down here. And looked over my shoulder at Adam, struggling to keep a grip on all the damn pill bottles, and said "See this? See this? I should be EXEMPT. From EVERYTHING. ForEVER."

Does anyone know a craft project to do with empty pill bottles? Because that's why I've been saving them.

My new one, with the month's supply of Trileptal, I could totally make a dildo out of. I'm not kidding. It's that big. It's bigger than my last ex-boyfriend. I just need to round the tip of this thing, and it could be a very serviceable dildo.
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