Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Adam: "You erred!"
Me: "I erred?"
Adam: "You failed to fold down the page [in Entertainment Weekly] about the new Ultimate Edition of The Fifth Element, which we *obviously* need."
Me: "Ah. Well - I don't know that it's got any additional features, you see. Therefore, we probably don't need it."
Adam: "It's two discs. It must have special features."
Me: "Featurettes. I don't care about featurettes. Deleted scenes? Blooper reels? Rock on. But if it's just a featurette about how they did some visual effect or something, I don't really need to buy the DVD again."
Adam: "'Luc Besson's Beautiful House'?"
Me: "I don't care."
Adam, in an attempt to drag in a recruit: "Elayna! Mommy doesn't care about 'Luc Besson's Beautiful House'!"
Elayna, yelling back from her room: "Neither do I!"

This is all an attempt to procrastinate regarding the writing of thank-you notes. All of this postiness. Once the damned things are written, I shan't be near this posty. But they are waiting upstairs. Along with the nagging man whose terrible handwriting is his excuse to not write a damned one of them.

EDIT: And he doesn't watch the damned featurettes anyway. He didn't even watch them on Firefly. I did. I was unwilling to miss anything involving Firefly.

I miss you, Firefly. *pine*
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