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zarhooie had a great Shayara question. I shall answer it here.

I know this is a really really strange question to ask, but where does the food come from for Shayara? Imported, do they have any farmland, or do they just never eat? This has been bothering me for a couple days now.

This is actually something that I was reminded of when I was thinking about the post office yesterday. I was musing on how the post office essentially worked on barter, minus actual postage to the outside world - you don't pay to rent a PO Box, say. Because there's no streamlined way to get mail to Shayaran Dasaroi without the existence of a post office. No one runs around the city delivering stuff. Just - post office. So they don't charge for the boxes.

And Shayara is very - very - barter-friendly. If you're a musician, you've got it made in a lot of places. If you're an artisan of any kind, too.

But at restaurants, you pay.

Most everyone who can and is inclined to has a garden. Rooftop and backyard gardens are common. If you live in an apartment, it is not at all unlikely that you have a tomato plant or something on your balcony. The city is green.

Restaurants... the entire block behind Tyka's and Wicked Sisters Bookshop and all, that's a garden.

The fancy restaurant, Wildflower Honey, has an enormous garden - that's a point of pride for them. They don't serve "imported" fruits or vegetables. At all.

In addition, a chunk of the southeastern part of the park is a lively farmers' market. Which works mostly on the barter system as well.

Livestock, not so much. As far as I know, no one's raising cows back there! Chickens, yes. Chicken is expensive, comparatively, because not as many people are raising and slaughtering chickens as are growing carrots, y'know. Eggs are expensive-ish, but not as much so. Same reason.

So pretty much, people grow what they can. They trade for what they can't grow. And they buy when they can't get in the city at all.

Which is why, in the Halloran & Julia conversation I posted a while back, he's making stir-fry instead of steak. :)

Yay questions! Did that answer enough? Does anyone have any other questions? I love questions; they help me explore things in my head that I hadn't necessarily thought of. So please ask! :)
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