Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thor's Day

...and I think of mightywombat whenever I type "Thor's Day"...

Vision boogly, mouth hurts, face hurts. Exhausted. And exhausted with being exhausted.

Elayna's class party is at 1. I'm bringing non-dairy brownies. I am terribly excited - in the past, I haven't gotten to go to school stuff. This is a benefit of going part-time.

Tell me stuff!
I am greatly enjoying my screened-comments post of yesterday. It's like my "tell me a secret" polls, but I can reply to this stuff! Which I will do more of later today.

(And no, do not worry - not such thing as TMI.)

It has gotten to the point where half the day's mail is faculty application stuff. Which is aaaaaall me. I haven't burned out on the applications themselves yet... maybe partly because I'm still chuffed about my improvements to the process. But filing the recommendation letters is getting old.

I always write "callouses" when I'm writing longhand. Rather than "calluses". Just an oddness.

And I tend to reverse my "b"s and "p"s.

Only longhand. I'm fine on the computer.

I think I'm not going to have a meet & greet in Florida like I did last year. I can't rely upon having the necessary energy. So I shall just snuggle up with best-couple-friends morenasangre and farren.

Morena is like a big sister, and Farren's like a wacky little brother. :) Familyesque!

Okay. I can't really see what I'm typing anymore. I go now.
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