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Today was one of those days where you never have enough time to do everything that you had planned to do... but it's still okay, because the stuff you do get to do is mightyfine.

ObWork Snippet
The Boss would like to see about maybe having me there til 12:30 rather than noon, "because noon rolls around so quickly and it looks so empty up there..."

Okay... realistically, eight to noon is the same as noon to four. The latter just looks longer because hey, it's academia, most people aren't in the office spot on at eight. But the same amount of work gets done.

I'm fine with this, as it means I get a lttle more to my paycheck, and it really doesn't impact me much at all, healthwise.

And I reassured her that I am willing and expecting to work longer hours at the start of the semester, as I am not going to go wander off in the middle of some scheduling problem if the clock happens to strike.

Okay, the rest of my day...

Arrived home at noon-thirty to a still-sleeping ocean_song... who, upon awaking a little, thought that I wasjust leaving for work! Yeah, we all got a little worn out last night. :) She did creative scheduling math (with a zydeco band!), and we were off to lunch.

She'd fondly remembered Crescent Moon, and I never get to go there for lunch, so off we went. It's rare for me to have a lunch out. Doubly so for a meal out to lack the presence of my beloved little nine-year-old center of attention. And I don't get to see Mermaid very much at all, and almost never alone, so this was very much a treat.

That time-expansion factor, though... alas, no time for JavaMonkey! Had to go home and get ready for my appointment.

There are very few people that I'll actually just talk to on the phone. I'm not a phone person. At all. But one of those very few called, and it was much happy fun to get to talk to him...

Clean bill of health, in that nothing is wrong with me that we didn't already know about. I have been instructed to partake of lots of smoothies, and told that no, seriously, rest means rest, or that chest pain is not going to go away.

And then we talked about Halloween parties and school districts. I like my doctor.

Yay gift orgy!

But alas, time-stretchy once again forbade JavaMonkey. Maybe tomorrow...

*perk* Hey! photognome is here! *run*
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