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And about damn time!

Happy birthday to eyewrist!

Happy early birthday to m0usegrrl!

Hello to new reader bjorng!

Nauseous, eyes mildly boogly, hands spasmy, etc. Slurred speech.

Elayna and School
Elayna requested homework clarification from her teacher, and her teacher ruled in favor of less work, for which Elayna is very thankful. The teacher isn't very clear in her instructions, which is rather frustrating...

She went to the symphony on Tuesday, and heard a Mozart piece that made her imagine two people going out into the forest and making friends with a deer.... and then a rumbly dragon appeared. But that was okay, because a knight (the sound of trumpets) appeared, fought and defeated the dragon, and befriended the deer and the people.

I love this kid. I so love this kid.

Chanukah Tally
Adam, from me: Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany
Me, from my parents: The thingie to hook my iPod up to the car stereo!
Me, from Adam: Seasons 1 & 2 of Jem on DVD!
Elayna, from my parents: PS2
Elayna, from my sister: CD Walkman
Elayna, from us: The Series of Unfortunate Events board game

I am pleased to announce that she liked the us-gift the best.

Docs, Woods Hole Marine Biological Institute socks, jeans, "in heat" panties (even though I'm not), bluish/greenish top with like a French coffeehouse poster screenprinted on it.

The second book in the second David Brin Uplift series. I have utterly forgotten the title.

Lunch at JavaMonkey! I have to pick Elayna's project up at the pottery place across the street from the Monkey, so I'll take this opportunity to treat myself to hummus and chai.

Elsewise - a few errands near home, then Girl Scout shit and Miss Kid's friend's birthday party the rest of the weekend.
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