Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Recording non-side-effect crap.

Have been feeling short of breath and joint-achy for about two weeks - is it two weeks, Adam? Definitely more than one week. Basically, just figured I was very slowly coming down with something. And "shortness of breath" is a listed side effect, so who knows?

Two days ago, started feeling like I slept wrong: difficult to turn my head. Pain in neck and upper chest. I bring this up because it worsened yesterday into what I described to Adam as a cage of inflamed nerves. Yesterday I was pretty okay when I was sitting down, but it FLARED whenever I moved. This made sleeping interesting, as I move around a lot.

Today... well, shitty side effects straight off, so hard to tell, but I was feeling *off* enough in non-side-effect ways that I promptly took my temperature. 100.5 at 6 AM and again at 7 AM. Chest is feeling compressed. Like it's being *held* - I'm mostly okay if I take shallow breaths, but I have lots of *pressure* if I try to breathe normally. Feels like someone's sitting on my chest, albeit a smallish somebody. Upper back pain, too. That same "cage".

Also: Acquaintances are concerned. Which means I'm really not looking good, as I fake functionality *really* well.

Adam, correct me/add to this?

Going home in half an hour. Think I'll skip getting my MRI films and my prescription today and just go rest til my movie.
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