Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

There have been so many instances lately of "Oh, I need to write about that! Must remind myself to write about that when my brain is working better."

I have in my hot little hands several letters that I sent my mom from the wilderness survival camp, which I feel the desire to type up for posterity, but I feel that I need an introduction first. Need to describe said camp and how I found myself there.

So I shan't type up the contents yet.

But I shall type up all the crap I wrote on the first envelope....

(16-year-old 'song, comin' at you from the wilderness...)

SEND CHOCOLATE!!! ...just kidding, they wouldn't let me have it if you did.

I love you all and miss you... say hi to Pepper for me! I am getting tan and my hair is lightening. I have become... ['song], queen of the mountains and deserts!

Our food rations:
flour (flour + water baked thin on coals = ashcakes)
sunflower seeds & raisins - snack food
germaid (makes cream of wheat when cooked with water)
oats (for oatmeal)
rice & lentils (dinner) (must be cooked together)

So far I found:
an owl claw
a coyote skull
a coyote femur
a coyote backbone
two coyote shoulderblades
one cow shoulderblade
lots of cow and horse droppings - yuck!!!
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