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Because this really is a diary... a string of random items.

Read an article in the paper today about how Americans are, in general, getting obsessive about cleaning. Theory: Anxiety caused by such things as political bullshit manifesting itself in obsessive cleaning because cleaning is Something We Can Do *twitch* *twitch*

Immediately went and sprayed anti-mildew stuff in the shower. Entire main level of house now stinks of chlorine.

Miss Kid has a playdate. The girls are in the front yard playing catch with a Hoberman sphere. This has varying degrees of effectiveness, but is pretty consistently amusing. To me, anyway.

She cleaned her closet today (having cleaned the rest of her room yesterday). This entailed taking every damn thing out of the closet, sorting, categorizing, and putting stuff back in a neat and organized fashion. I informed her that she was to do this with the plight of impoverished children in mind... in other words, if she doesn't actually use it, give it to charity. This did result in a trashbag full of donations - plus a Barbie car that didn't fit in the bag - so I'm happy. I need to stuff my too-big jeans and stuff in there too.

We went through the craft closet to find stuff to make for the grandmas and her aunt... I am not spending the money to give them each something handpainted from That Pottery Place. Another year, maybe. We found several useable kits, so she's making a "stained glass" bottle, a sand art bottle, and a bracelet. We'll look for something else later. You can't beat free, man.

We got quite a bit done yesterday, housewise, so I'm feeling okay about that.

Medically.... dayum, son. (Imagine that in a Foghorn Leghorn voice, please.) Yeah. Awful double vision. Severe nausea. Balance just... gone. Weird in the head - the kind of weird that leaves me babbling and with the inability to regulate volume.

I shall now go for a walk.
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