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Me: "I think I lost the folder with the Thanksgiving recipes last year."
Adam: "And your marbles."
Me: "No, that was two years ago. Anyway, I can re-dig up recipes. We hafta do the rosemary-garlic mashed potatoes, the sweet potatoes..."
Adam: "The candied carrots."
Me: "Yeah, them... the mushroom stuffing, the fancy new casserole..."
Adam: "How many people are we having?"
Me: "So far, six."
Adam: Do you realize that we're going to have a dish for each person?"
Me: "Well, yeah."
Adam: "Per course?"
Me: "People like to eat."

Well, they do.

Also there will be a wee little turkey. And stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. And molasses-ginger cookies, and I have a new spicy chocolate cookie recipe I want to try - and of course pumpkin pie and Adam's Key Lime pie and my chocolate bourbon cake.

I only cook once a year. So I make it count.


Anyone wanna come to dinner? *laugh*

Adam: "We're no longer just in obsessive mode. We're in crazed survivalist mode."

EDIT: Oh, and since we have people staying overnight, I have recipes for pumpkin scones and for pumpkin and gingerbread pancakes.
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