Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Freya's Day

Wow - happy birthday to irana, magenta_girl, and scouseboy!

Just popped pills. Watch this space. EDIT: 8:25 - double vision starting. Nausea. EDIT: 8:45 - Staggering.

Called my mom last night to apologize for snapping at her Tuesday night - as that probably came out of nowhere, since she has no idea what I've been going through, medically. I do 'pologize when I do something even slightly wrong... I'd say ask the person I settled that possible conflict with a few weeks ago, but I don't know that he want it to be spoken of...

But yeah. Called Mom. Talked for a bit. Accidentally found out one of the things they were going to get me for Chanukah. Deliberately found out what they were getting Adam for Chanukah. :) They're replacing Elayna's PS2, got her some games, got her some clothes... Mom has just-now started to learn that I really do need to try clothes on if they've a chance of fitting. She has yet to learn this about Elayna - but she sends a receipt.

EDIT: I am a bad, bad girl and have peeked at my purchased-items. No books, music, or movies from Mom. Well, one cookbook.

Le sigh.

Adam's coming home tonight! *dances*

Slinky shirt, jeans, "Boys are stupid - throw rocks at them" socks.

GRRM, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, "Family Fun" magazine.

Today/tonight: Ordering turkey from Whole Foods. They do all of the prep - you just cut the bag open and stick it in the oven.

This is not a laziness thing - though I'll admit to wanting to focus more on the food I'll actually eat. This is more of an "ew, gross, slimy carcass!" thing. I ain't touchin' that thing.

Also, I want a nap.

Adam will be back! Shopping for Thanksgiving.

Sunday: Dunno if I can get to Rin's party. Babysitter situation.

Okay. I go!
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