Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

Happy birthday to jasmine_koran!

I just-now took my meds, as I had to drive Miss Kid to school. EDIT: Double vision kicks in all at once at 8:35. Am seeing DIAGONAL. Which is new. EDIT: 9 AM - staggering. Which may have been the case bedore. It's just that I only just got up and tried to walk. EDIT: 10:30 AM - righty-o. So bad that I had to stagger to the lunchroom, leaning heavily on walls, because of motion impairment and the severe nausea that's exacerbated by that and by the vision shit. Laid my head down. Boss brought me my purse so I could have a few ginger chews for the nausea.

ALSO EDIT: Wrote the following notes @ 9:20 - "feels like my body is throbbing. And I'm really nauseous. I keep putting my head down. Vision is a tiny bit better. Trying not to move and I hope that helps the nausea. Brain fuzzy too."

The yendi has landed! He's safe in Phoenix. His laptop may be b0rked, though, so if you need to contact him, you must go through me! Muahahaha!

Holy crap, man. That took a lot out of me. To the point that I was in bed at 9 PM. My side effects had faded, all but the exhaustion - which was compounded by how hard the meds had been hitting my system all day. I put EJ to bed, watched an episode of Greg the Bunny, and then it was bedtime.

I did laundry. So I accomplished something.

I need to designate a day and time to accept phone calls. Like, say, Monday between 5 and 8 PM. Want to call? Call then. And I get to ignore the phone every other day of the week.

kires and I had to pause The Specials at least seven times yesterday. At the very fucking least. And especially on a day like yesterday, when my body is already screwing me over... I lack the energy and patience to chat.

Exception there was photognome, who visited in person. In-person is cool.

Boondock Saints
And photognome rocked my socks by bringing me a painstakingly compilated complete soundtrack of Boondock Saints. Oh HELL yeah. Every song in the movie. Plus two remixes. *geeks out*

Have you not seen this movie? If not, come over.

I have been asked to gauge interest in a Firefly marathon at manifestress and photognome's house, Retrohaven. Said house has a projection TV. So we can watch the show on the wall. Like, REALLY BIG.

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