Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Dreams and Homeishness

Ever have dreams in which you have conversations that are so real that you don't remember that they're dreams for a little while? They're thoroughly mundane conversations. Not bizarre fantastical things. So they really do feel like they've happened.

I only know that the docorion one was a dream because I haven't met him in person yet. And the one about the girl scout troop leader not remembering to pick Elayna up today was only determinable as a dream because later in the dream we picked up girl scout cookies, and she'd lost our order form, so we had no idea who'd ordered what. And cookie pickup time is in March.

Gods, my vision is so fucked up right now. Excuse any typos.

When I called Adam last night to let him know I'd arrived safely, I almost said "Let me call Adam and tell him I'm home."

Adam is very much my home.

But Master is home as well.

This is strangely not confusing.

I can't really see the keyboard anymore, so I hafta go. I'll go lie down.

But I have two triggerphrases. Not bad-trigger. Just sometimes I just *need* to say them. Like I'll explode if I don't.

One of them is "I'm sorry." That one is when I'm feeling particularly broken, physically, and I'm horribly sorry that anyone has to nursemaid broken little me.

The other one is "I love you." And that's the one that's coming out of me right now.
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