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Poll Answers!

What's your definition of old?
Geez. I dunno. Hm. My dad is old. He's 60. So I guess 60 is old. :)

Milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate?

If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

How is Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Ew. Gross.

What's changed since getting married?
Four people asked this! Um. It doesn't really feel different. We felt married already!

What's your favorite combination of colors?
What is your favourite colour?

Clor in general: Silver. Colors, plural: I like silver, burgundy, indigo, forest green, dark purple...

How are you feeling?
Physically, pretty shitty. Emotionally? Swirly. Getting things resolved bit by bit. Like puzzle pieces.

What flavor ice-cream do you NOT like?
Anything fruit-flavored.

Are you guys coming to Florida this Christmas?
Yes. :)

Got any free Boston time this weekend?
Nope - but I absolutely will in January!

Do you ever feel at all insecure about your writing? You always seem so self-assured about Shayara and everything.
It probably seems that way because I only post work that I feel is decent... yeah, I'm hella insecure. When I do things that I agree are really good, I get insecure about everything else I do that's not up to my standards. I get very frustrated with myself sometimes.

How do you feel about Shayara being published?
It's not really real in my head yet! It's so very important to me, though - Shayara is me. Blood and bone. And the reactions to it here have blown me away, have shown me that I can communicate it outside of my own head, and that feels... just wow. So I'm inordinately excited to be sending it out there...

when did you discover your were bi?
I had my first lustiness when I was 12. First actual actions when I was 14. First relationship when I was 18 (Michelle, where are you? *sigh*).

But in retrospect... well, it's been pointed out to me that I'd been sneaking looks at my dad's Playboys from a very young age. So I've always liked looking at naked chicks. Heh.

fantasyvixen -- What color is your hair?
My hairstylist calls it ash blonde. I call it tortoiseshell.

What has Elayna done in the last year that you're proudest of?
Oh geez. So much! I'll have to make a list. Remind me later!

If you could eat one book and have it become an eternal part of you, every word and phrase, which book would it be?
Charles de Lint. "Dreams Underfoot". :)

Do you ever see Elayna in a crowd of people and not recognize her at first because she looks so much older than you were expecting just then?

Kittens, puppies, or bunnies?

Do you believe in fate/destiny in real life?

Other than Shayara, if you could pick up the people you love and move to anyplace you want, where would you move?
Charles de Lint's Newford. Or Mabon.

ever hear of Voltaire (the musician, not the author of _Candide_)?
Yeah. He plays DragonCon a lot.

1. Do you have wrinkles?
I have the chronic-pain wrinkle between my eyebrows, unfortunately. Not anywhere else yet.

2. Will you be mad?
At what?

Personal curiosity. Who is your stalker?
Heh. Which one? :)

Sex questions in polls like this, do they annoy you?
Nope. Why? Do you have one? *laugh*

what's your song?
"We Shall Come Home", by Oysterband.

Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry?
Only if you want me to, cutie-pie. :)

Would you like a small coffee can full of different types of buttons for your craft closet?
Keen! Yeah. :)

What are you most passionate about?
My writing.

What article of clothing would you be least willing to give up?
I require clarification. D'you mean like during strip poker? Or is this sort of a "what's your favorite shirt" thing?

EDIT to include new Q & A:

How long have you known Master?
Since January. Arisia. :)
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