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Thor's Day

It is, how you say, teh suck.

I'm timing stuff now. Meds at 7 AM. Tongue tingly by 7:20. Eyes all boogly around 7:40. Not sure *exactly* when the balance issue start - I was out of the car and walking at 7:50, and I had balance issues then, but the effect could have started earlier. Moderate to severe nausea since I got up. EDIT: Brain shit hit at 9 AM. I'm fucking up everything I write. Not gonna start on that LaTeX document just yet! And I'm having that thing where I see trails when I move my head. Still can't walk. EDIT: 10 AM, and my brain is starting to return. Which is good, because misspelling "computer" is bad. EDIT: 10:45, able to walk again. Eye stuff clearing up.

Airport Ride
I am needing a ride to the airport at 10:30-11:00 AM tomorrow. I can't do MARTA this time, because I can't reliably walk. I'm going to have to ask for assistance at the airport. Wheelchair ride. Aii. :(

Meeting Friends
Met lordandrei last night! Was very pleased to find that he is indeed one of those people that I can sit and talk to for hours. Cool. :)

Psycho Stuff
It was brought to my attention that there would seem to be a certain person that my snark yesterday was aimed at. I wish to assure you that this person is female and therefore not suspect #1, who I'm sure reads my journal but has not started shit with me in the recent past. Not online, anyway. This is someone else. *bow*

Today I meet sibylla's new puppy Aoife! Tomorrow I go to Boston to spend the weekend with Master!

I have been living in side effect city and Master's not very mobile lately, so we won't be having a brunch or dinner or anything. I shall be at Arisia in two months and would love to see all of you Bostonians then. :)

Reasons to Like Working Here
Just had a conversation with my department chair about Neal Stephenson. He was reading him Back In The Day, too.

Mental State
My brain isn't fucked today. Yet. Just my eyes and balance and stuff. So I'm feelin' chipper.

I'm gonna go do work. I hafta type up a paper that's 90% LaTeX. Among other things.
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