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Body and time

I am so fucking exhausted. All the time.

I say that a lot, but I don't know how much anyone but yendi groks it. How exhausted am I? I'm too exhausted to go grocery shopping. I try, mind you, because there's always gonna be at least one thing Adam forgets. But within about five aisles, I just can't keep walking anymore.

I'm so exhausted that I can't carry the laundry down to the utility room sometimes. Mostly I can. But sometimes I can't.

When I go out with friends, I come back exhausted - even if we've just been sitting around at JavaMonkey.

I've been falling asleep on the couch at seven. Adam has to wake me and keep me awake til at least nine, nine-thirty, or I'll wake up during the night and get thoroughly off schedule.

Bitch, bitch, moan, moan.

But I'm glad that I'm taking steps to get that taken care of. The going-part-time thing. Picking the little miss up at 3 today - and resting while she does her homework. Enforced resting. I'm not allowing myself to do anything but rest. Not today. I've got to get caught up, dammit.

I'm hoping that one of the blessings of part-time will be that I will get caught up. And that I'll then be able to spend some time out with non-nine-to-five friends. Which I need to forbid myself to do if I'm exhausted.

I think I've borrowed against a year's supply of spoons. I do too much. But I've talked about that before...

Anyway. Today it starts. Suffer another hour and a half here, go get Miss Kid, and rest.
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