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Here we go.

I came downstairs and realized that Shawn wanted to write a letter to Jason.

Dear Jason,

I suppose I’m settling in all right. I met Donna the day I arrived, and she’s done so much for me… she even offered me a suite at the Library, but I wanted an apartment of my own. I’ve lived at the Sanctuary so long… I’ve never had a place of my own.

I can send you pictures of my new place if you want. I know – city full of myth and magic, and I’m excited about a plain old apartment, right? But… you were right. This was what I needed. Not just being in Shayara, but… being on my own.

Thanks, Jason.

Anyway, it’s a one-bedroom, third-story apartment in what’s traditionally been Lhri’nahri territory. Do you know Ryan Grey, their Kithrayn? He’s pretty cool.

I’m babbling. It’s just all really weird. I’ll try to focus!

Anyway, the apartment is pretty generic, except that it’s got this huge window looking out at the city. I can see just a corner of the Castle – but I can see all the way to the gates. The Library, and the tower of the Kirayth, and all the places I like to go – Tyka’s Coffeehouse, the Wicked Sisters bookshop – everything downtown on Sheridan and Sinclair. The window has got a window seat of sorts – not a big cushy thing, but room to sit.

The living room is huge. I don’t have any furniture in here yet, of course – I’m sure it’ll look smaller once there’s more stuff here! Speaking of which – now that you have my address, can you send my drum kit? All of my other stuff, too, of course. But my drum kit’s the only thing I really miss.

I definitely have the little fish in a big pond feeling here. I mean, back home… I was so comfortable. And I felt important, and here – well, no one knows me, much less needs me.

I guess this is the kind of thing everyone needs, though – being uprooted. Not stagnating. This is how you find out who you really are, right?

You have this way of knowing what everyone needs and making it happen, but making it seem like it’s their own idea. Don’t think that I haven’t noticed. Not that that kept it from working on me…

Say hi to Lia for me. And send my drums soon, okay?


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