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Thor's Day

Aaaand Thor is makin' with the thunder.

Does anyone have an mp3 of "Knock on Wood"? Not the Bosstones version. The one that goes "It's like thunder... lightning... the way you love me, it's frightening... I better knock on wood... baby..."

Hello to new readers bronander, faledola, and fantasyvixen!

Vision & headweird stuff. Also exhaustion. I've been falling asleep on the couch a lot. And I'm too brainscattery to read. I do not like that.

Things will be better when I go part-time. I won't get as exhausted at work from the simple task of Acting Normal - and I won't push myself at home like I do when I have a day off when I'm not feeling well. One Big Task a day will be enough, because I can always get another Big Task done the next day; I don't have to maximize every second.

You all know how I feel. If you honestly don't know how I feel, look at the Spider Jerusalem post from yesterday.

I'm not gonna harp on it.

But one thing I want to say: If you voted to ban gay marriage, get the fuck off my journal. I do not want to know you or be associated with you in any way. I'm looking for words strong enough to say what I think of you, but I don't think there are any.

I did something wrong. Not Wrong, just wrong. Interpersonally. And I recognized it. Traditionally, I've realized that things were off-kilter and it's taken me ages (well, ages in mayfly time) to narrow it down, figure out where the dissonance was. This time, it only took me one day. Actually, I think I can credit this to the fact that I'm developing so many workarounds for my broken brain that I'm even more accustomed than I had been before to hyperanalyzing everything to figure out where it goes.

Anyway. I apologized. The person had felt the same dissonance, but hadn't fully arrived at the root cause yet. We discussed. We are on the same page. Officially: No harm, no foul.

I'm a teensy bit proud of myself, though, for figuring out what wrong I'd done this quickly, and taking steps to correct it.

I brought catalogs in today. Will be taking notes over lunchtime. I *heart* $WINTERHOLIDAY.

Thank you, drive through.
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