Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


Last-minute outdoor decor for H'ween.
Two $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts purchased.
Grocery shopping.
Depositing wedding checks.
Picking up ice cream pie - dude, they put a skull on it! And little bats!

(P.S.: Anyone who wants to help set up can feel free to come early; I'm having a low-functionality day.)

Heh. Aw, dayum.
Vision boogly. Mild tremors. Exhaustion. Mind scattery. Did I mention exhaustion? So weak and exhausted that I had to sit down at Target, couldn't even walk at Publix, and just sat in the car at the bank and Bruster's. And had to just sorta sit on the kitchen floor for a while when I got home. I am spoonless. I had to borrow spoons from today to get stuff done yesterday. I'm in the red.

So exhausted that, having taken my vibrator out of the drawer last night, I fell asleep before even turning it on. It was next to me in bed this morning.

I'd spent a lot of yesterday late afternoon/early evening cleaning up the house... my stacks of filing. The living room. Et cetera.

The landlady stopped by today.

At the back door. Which opens onto the kitchen. Which is a mess not just from grocery shopping, but from Adam's suitcase and garment bag strewn across the floor. Yes, a week later.


Anyway. More cleaning. And setting motion-activated tombstones up in the front yard.
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