Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


"I worry about you," Wombat said.

I don't hear that a lot. Probably some people think that... but really, not a lot of people tell me. (Probably some people do, but my brain isn't holding onto that.)

We talked about how my daily list of side effects concerns him - that I'm dealing with a lot on a daily basis that normal people just don't have to deal with ever.

We talked about my weight, how he worries about the weight loss. "You can feel my hip bones," I said. "I can see your hip bones," he said. "And I can feel all of your bones." He ran his fingers up my ribcage. Washboard. Xylophone. Ridges just under skin. Ran his hand up my spine, fingers catching on bone there as well.

When my eyes and head went all weird, he and kaliwohi were watching, were concerned.

This sort of thing makes me pathetically happy. Not side effects. Just - that someone cares and worries. I mean, I know that yendi does, that kires does - they handle it in the same way, the quiet and unobtrusive doing stuff that I can't do. I know Master does.

But... I guess I've been so out of contact with other people that I tend to feel that only the people in this tight tiny circle, only those who come to see me, or call... that they're the only people who think about me, who worry.

So last night meant a lot. Just the worry in Wombat's eyes. Not that I want him to worry. But it's reassuring that someone does.

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