Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Freya's Day

Happy birthday to eng1ne!
Happy early birthday to rafaela and nukewolf!
Hello to new reader dfi_media!

status does not say that parts of LJ are down.

But parts of LJ are down.

This peeves me.

Just nausea so far. Last night, I had the seeing-trails thing, so I had to keep my head stationary a bit, and I just felt... weird in the head a bit. EDIT: Eeeee... scatterbraininess, memory issues. Teh Dizzy. ALSO EDIT: Oh! More from last night: When I went to bed, I had massive flashing lights goin' on. Closed eyes, big flashing lights. Like powerful strobe lights.

static_eddie, you did not respond. You lie like a thing what lies on the floor, you do.

Finally finally Friday. Basically, I haven't had a day of downtime in at least two weeks. I shall blissfully rest Saturday-during-the-day.

Black short-sleeved sweater, jeans, Beaker panties, "It's All About Me" socks, 8-hole Docs.

A shitload of magazines.

The post-girl-on-girl-action bit. After Capri & Julia Do It. Julia is invited to stay for dinner, and she has a good talk with Halloran regarding the abstract concept of a destined ruler, and how not everyone sees her as a demigoddess - some people just see her as a person that they'd like to get to know.

My favorite Halloran line from this: "Me? No, I'll just be up here with my stir-fry and my plausible deniability."

Tonight: Downtime.
Saturday: Downtime, then get-together for thryn.
Sunday: Downtime, hanging out with kires and springdew, twickertweating!

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