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Financial stuffs

We may have enough money from the wedding to pay off my car - well, we do, but we want to keep most of the money in savings. So. We may have enough money to pay off my car and still have a tidy sum in savings. I need to see how much I owe on the car. Which I won't for another few weeks, dammit, til I get the next bill. *pout*

If we pay off the car - which is a ridiculous payment each month because my ex-husband is a fucking moron - and I pick Miss Kid up straight from school every day... we'd actually be coming out ahead on the part-time thing.

Add to that the fact that Adam's within 6 months of paying off a loan, and we have at least one credit card that's almost paid off...

I can go part-time with no negative impact on our finances. If we pay off the car. And minimal impact if we don't entirely pay off the car.
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