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My Wedding, by 'song, age 30 1/2

...was perfect.

I may well be the pickiest woman alive. Well, me and my new mother-in-law. And y'know, there's always a flaw with every wedding... the food was dry, or the band sucked, or...

This was flawless.

The wedding was perfectly timed for sunset. I'm told that my dress looked like molten gold... the chuppah had black magic and coppery roses, and the rabbi was wonderful. Apparently this week's Torah portion was about Abraham being called to take his son to the mountain, and "with faith in God, he got up and went"... and the rabbi pointed out that, with faith, I got up and went to Atlanta, to be with Adam.

The glass Adam broke was deep red, and will be made into a mezuzah.

There was a fireplace in the lobby, and that's where our posed pictures were taken: us with his mother, with my parents, pictures of the four generations of the women in my family, pictures of everyone...

A picture of me flanked by my mother and my birthmother. And then the photographer asked for a picture of the whole family, and my birthmom started to leave...

...and my mom said, "No, Judy, stay. You're family."

Which was one of my favorite parts not just of my wedding, but of this entire year. I think that Judy had been waiting 30 years for that, and didn't think it would ever happen. And I think that's one of my favorite things that my mom has ever done.

The photographer wasn't obnoxious. And that's saying a lot, because I tend to think that all photographers other than photognome are obnoxious and intrusive. But he took the posed shots, then stuck to candids... including a nice one of me lassoing Elayna with my scarf.

Oh gods, Elayna was so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. And so, so good.

We went out, we mingled, we were gently herded downstairs and fed. The food was wonderful - will post menu at a later date. Waitstaff excellent. The view... you can see it in that picture, but you really can't imagine. Sunset in the mountains, trees festooned with white christmas-tree lights, tall braziers scattered around for warmth, a roaring fire... little cones of flowers hanging on every chair. A quartet playing old standards; Elayna and her new little cousin spinning in circles and laughing.

Adam and I are trying to think what else to say, other than giving you a total blow-by-blow. "Everything is worth raving about!" he said, and it's true. The little bouquets for all three moms, and the wreath of roses in Elayna's hair. The band; everyone danced. :) The wedding cake - best we've ever had, thick and rich and incredibly delicious.

Everything, everything, everything.

Small, elegant, beautiful, perfect.

We are running out of ways to describe perfections. So I'll sign off for now.

We are so damn happy. This was even more wonderful than we'd dared hope.

And I made it through - made it through the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and today's brunch. Physically. Fine. Crashed after brunch, but... what we wanted most was for me to be healthy on my wedding day.

And we got it.

And so much more.
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