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My wedding day

It's here.

I have my hair braided back for the stylist. I have my face naked for the spa. And I still actually look good. Must be a wedding-day thing - under contract to look good today. The weather is absolutely perfect, which is good because it's an outdoor wedding.

Yes, there. I was up there yesterday for the rehearsal. Took a picture. It's beautiful.

Wearing this dress. Carrying a European-style bouquet - just the flowers, stems cut short and bound with a ribbon - of black magic roses.

Wearing the very first gift Adam ever gave me - a necklace of silver and smoky quartz, so faceted that it throws rainbows.

The woman who gave birth to me will be there. My two families. Adam's family.

My only side effect yesterday was dizziness. I'd rested a lot yesterday. Hoping for just dizziness today too.

It's my wedding day. We ordered a good-lookin' bride, excellent weather, and low side effects, and screw "two out of three ain't bad".

Our day.

My mom will be here soon to pick me up for the spa. I'm gonna go put on my good-luck piggie socks.
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