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Love and Hate

What do I hate about writing?

Math. As in, having to figure out ezactly when each character was born, as relates to other characters. Whether Alanna would've ever met Edward ni'Lhri'nahr (no) or Joshua ni'Narsan (yes), the predecessors of Ryan and Kieran, respectively; to know this, I must know that Alanna was 2 when Edward died and Ryan was born (though it takes him about 15 years to get to Shayara), and 9 when Joshua (Donna's husband) died and Kieran was born. So that, in the scene where she disbands the Talthar Kithrayna, the Talthar Kithrayna at that time will consist of, in age order, Kristian, Jeramie, Donna, 16-year-old Michael Halloran, 6-year-old Kieran (with his father as Regent, so to speak), and no one standing for Lhri'nahr.

Because, like, it is important to know.

What do I love about writing?

This story. Which I wanted to post an excerpt of, but there's too much going on.

It's a good weekend, so far; the only thing that's fraying my nerves is that I do not have a moment's peace for writing, and I have this story burning through my brain...


Please to be wishing me luck on getting writing time!

Also, my parents arrive in an hour. *sighs heavily* Maybe I can get them so involved in conversation with Adam's mom that I can sneak away...

Was it dandelion_diva who once said "Sometimes you are the need to write"?

It was me who said "Writing isn't a hobby, it's a disease..."
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