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Wedding Trip, Day 1

We left Atlanta at 10 AM, and arrived in Arizona at 11:30 AM, having traveled for four-ish hours.

My body is so confused. I've nodded off three times today...

So. Yes.

The Flight
I wrote. For, um, three hours. Straight. Until my protesting hand muscles managed to punch a message through to my story-fevered brain. Owwwww.... but I have some fucking awesome Alanna and Jeramie stuff down. Alanna was a sweet little girl at first. Jeramie... I learned so interesting things about Jeramie. Who he idolized and modeled himself after. How siome of his traits developed. I understand a hell of a lot more about them now that I'm seeing things from the very beginning.

Adam and Elayna both read, and Elayna wrote a little story that she hasn't shown me yet.

It was determined that we were not hungry (Elayna was unsettled from the rough landing, and I've had a really shitty side effects day), so we went to get Adam's hair cut. One could assemble a tribble from these remnants, I tell you.

This was the third place that I nodded off. I'm sure I was a source of concern for Adam's poor mother...

Marriage License
Now I know how easy it would be to commit bigamy.

I'd forgotten to bring my old divorce papers. I got divorced three years ago, but kept the old license so I could absentee-vote in this election, Georgia being a Republican state and Florida being, well, Florida. So I had my university ID and my social security card, and was really hoping that that would be enough.

There is a long but unamusing story here that involves driving all over Phoenix and calling governments agencies because computers were down and dealing with a power-tripping asshole security guy. But we finally ended up at a desk, where we handed over the paper with our names and the $50...

They didn't look at our IDs.

Not a peek.

I could like go marry 15 people in Arizona. Dude.

Plans Plans Plans
Teppanyaki tonight. Breakfast, rabbi, manicure, meet up with parents, meet up with birthmom, go to dinner tomorrow. (Jewish friends - the ketubah is most booful.) Saturday... shit, I gotta pick out a spa treatment, as my birthmom wants to do Something Special for me. Then there's the rehearsal dinner. Then on Sunday I hafta get married, and I'm pretty sure that that's going to take up most of the day and night. :) Monday is a brunch thrown by an old Jewish Grandma who goes by a silly animal name that I won't reprint here because it'd be highly Googleable. And, um, stuff.

Breathing. I'm breathing.

Exhaustion, really bad nausea and dizziness. I'm coping decently simply because, fuckit, I don't have to seem normal, Adam's mom knows how things are.

I just have to hold myself together on Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday morning. I can do that.

Okay. Adam wants the computer now. :)

*blows kisses*

EDIT: And I don't have the time to thank all y'all for your congratuulations individually, so - thank you. :) *hug*
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