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On the use of illegal substances in one's presence...

This poll has a very narrow focus. It's specifically for people who have used illegal substances in the past, but are intentionally clean now and wish to remain so.

If you've never used drugs, don't answer.

If you currently use drugs, don't answer.

The answers are viewable to no one but me, so answer freely with the assurance of confidentiality.

FYI, this isn't an issue for me, nor do I foresee it being an issue for me at any point in the near future, where near = a few years, IMO. Obviously I can't know if someone's gonna be doing lines in the nursing home when I'm 80. :P This is just a topic that arose in an e-mail exchange with someone who has used illegal substances in the past.

Full disclosure - I'm pretty sure I'd be okay with it if I knew that this would be the case before going into the situation, and if there'd be no pressure on me to do stuff. If those conditions weren't met, I'd leave.

My answers to the second question? Top three. I'm not sure if I could manage being around my drug of choice. I think I could, but as I haven't been confronted with that since I quit, I obviously can't say with absolute certainty.

This poll is just because I am a curious kitty.

How would you feel?

Fine with it, as long as no one pushes me to partake. It's their body, after all.
A little uncomfortable.
Drastically uncomfortable.

If you *know* that you'll encounter that, would you enter into that situation?

Yeah, as long as it won't be a high-pressure situation.
It depends on what the substance is.
It depends on the people I'd be with.

Anything else to say?

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