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Wednesday is my Friday!

Hello to new reader triplemare!

They get a separate section today, as there will be so very many while I'm gone... happy early birthday tomert_mt_bc, perspectivism, terminalwriter, astelspirals, dabroots, deus_x, kenakari, rohmie, shrijani, and nicked_metal!

Yahoo is being wonky. Only at work. It's not blocked, because it does occasionally come through. But not dependably. So if you've been using the Yahoo address, don't today; I've redirected the traffic to Gmail.

Actually, don't use it at all. So I only have to check one e-mail account while I'm gone, as I'll have only sporadic access while I'm there.

So much time, so little to do - scratch that, reverse it.
I'm going to take a half day today. I have to, in order to get stuff done. Got to pick up meds, got to pick up Adam's suits - that was on the schedule for yesterday, but the parent/teacher conference ran long.

And we have to pack. And I know I can't do that at the end of the day. I know I fall apart once I leave work, and I need to be able to pay attention to what I'm doing. So.

E-mail vacation message set. New last name set. Am about to send e-mail telling people that anything time-sensitive needs to get to me by noon today; after noon, it's to go to my boss or co-secretary. Both of whom have done my job before, so they can easily handle any situation that arises.

I'm so nervous about getting there. Not about the wedding itself, not yet. But about making sure I bring everything that I need to. Not forgetting, say, Elayna's shoes.

And Adam's mom really doesn't grok how unreliable my brain and body are at this time. She'll see. *sigh*

Need to write next column today or it ain't gettin' done, seeing as I arrive home the evening before the column is due!

Okay. Is all for now.
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