Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Road Movie to Berlin. Or not.

Seduced by the promise of having thryn in town, I'm going to say no to the road trip (which'd be physically stressful, and I really ought to stay in town to chill, plus I don't wanna harsh kires's mellow if I'm not physically up to that sort of partying). So. It's a hanging-out-with-Thryn-thing. 'Specially because I get to see kires the next day anyway. :)

So. Little party.

Gonna need setup help, gonna need food help - I'll just be a few days out from my Big Huge Trip, y'know!

But yeah. Halloween is a tradition. The party is as much a tradition as my Foundlings' Thanksgivings.

And I can have it early next year so I can road-trip with kires then. Because I still really wanna do that.
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