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Thanks to my obsessive logging of side effects in my morning posts, I have a two-page document of side effects from late September to today. Total chronology.

My neuro will either love me or hate me for this.

I am wearing piggie socks. For luck.

September 29: Worse agitation than I've had in a while. Shaky horrible jumping out of skin feeling. Tummyache. Day 6 of headache. Exhaustion. Nausea. Braintangly/brainfog, alternating. Spindizzy - almost fell down the stairs again. Yes, I know. I'm overconfident.

October 6: has a new and expanded list of side effects! Finally! Mine: weight loss, hair loss/thinning, skin problems (such as acne or rash), trouble with mouth or gums, difficulty concentrating, difficulty communicating, memory problems, confusion, unsteadiness, dizziness, upset stomach, tiredness, headache, difficulty falling asleep

October 8: My head feels really weird this morning. Can't get words to describe. Just... weird. EDIT: Brain-fog. Little bits throughout midmorning and afternoon. Getting worse.
Feeling dreamy, unreal. I'm able to type things like this while also being aware that a big part of my brain is not functioning at the moment. Physically... legs stiff. Some pain in joints. A little numbness in all extremities. I keep forgetting what I need to be typing here. Woolgathering. Ah! The other thing - I feel like I'm on tape-delay. You know the test the doctor does where she tells you to keep your head still, but follow her finger with your eyes? Apparently people on anti-seizure medications develop a tell. A hitch of some sort between thought and motion. Mine laughed last time and said, "Good! That means you're taking your medication!", and then explained. I feel like I'm on tape-delay. Because that is happening. I'm feeling a marked delay between when I tell my body to do something and it does it.

October 12: Mostly just dizzy, nauseous, and exhausted.

October 13: Really bad side effects day. Veryvery nauseous - and incredibly brainscattery, major difficulty concentrating. Plus exhaustion, because I've been having extreme difficulty getting to sleep... and I wake up during the night... Later: Words taking time to make sense. Ability to automatically and instinctively spell words is in and out. Have to concentrate hard at times, not at others.

October 14: Severe nausea. Insomnia. EDIT: Later also exhaustion (duh) and brainfog and that spelling/typing/words all slippy thing. Dizzy.

October 15: Mild-to-moderate nausea. 9:15, brain bad, words slippy. Typing words and they become different words.

October 18: Just moderate nausea thus far. EDIT (11:30): Dizzy. Floaty headspace, not dissimilar from medicine-head. Slidey. Tummyachey. Hard to hold on to information.

October 19: Severe nausea... could only manage one piece of toast this morning. Headache.
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