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*snif* Okay, I guess I did deserve ice cream.

So I go to Jake's. Usual guy is there. I say "Ooh, you have my favorite flavor!" which is chocolate cinnamon. And I request a single scoop in a cup.

And then I open my wallet.

And my debit card is not there.

It is in the Hello Kitty mini backpack I brought to AIDS Walk yesterday.

So I look up at him, and he hasn't started to scoop the ice cream yet, so I babble out something along the lines of "wait, wait, I'm sorry, see I did AIDS Walk yesterday and my debit card is in the little mini backpack thing I brought there and I don't have cash and and..."

"Slow down," he smiles.

"I don't have my debit card and so I don't have money, so never mind, cancel the order, no ice cream, I'm sorry..."

"Don't worry about it." And he scoops it anyway.

"But I don't have money!"

"It's cool. You can come in tomorrow, if you want."

I will I will I will. And I'll give him a big tip. Because he was so nice to me.

*sags in chair*

yendi? Sweetie? Do me a favor and empty out that backpack and put the wee pouch with my pillbox and debit card and collar key at my place at the dining room table?
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