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Monday Monday

Hello to new readers atala and delilah_noone!

I went to bed at 9:15 last night. Yes. The Walk did indeed bitch-slap me like a redheaded stepchild.

In my defense - my body is shot due to medication, it was hot out, and it was a long-as walk from the MARTA station to the park and back.

This really does not keep me from feeling like a wuss, but hey.

My tiny monkey, she is unwell. :( Only a fever, at least...

Working on a Shayara mix CD. Chronological. Yes, Miss Lady Carabosse has inspired me. So. Chronologically, I have
Alphaville, "Forever Young" (idyllic pre-Fall Shayara)
Queen, "Who Wants to Live Forever" (right after the Fall; Tiala's sacrifice)
Clannad, "I Will Find You" (the years between the Fall and now)
Die Warzau, "Head" (the years between the Fall and now, continued. We're dealing with thousands of years, okay?)
Stabbing Westward, "Lost" (driving up to the City at night...)
Pop Will Eat Itself, "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" (the Purges)

So far. There are songs that I want to use, like "Thieves" by Ministry (one of my songs for the Council), but it does not fit with the flow. I may do a Bad Guys CD with that...I mean, I could do a CD for every damn character. That way I could use both "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" and "Anything (Viva!)"... I don't want to crowd the overview CD with Purges songs, but the latter would absolutely fit on a Fenris CD.

This is only up to the starting point of our story, this one. So. No Julia songs. Well, no character-specific songs at all. This is about the city itself.

I'll shut up about that for now. Except - does anyone have an mp3 of "Neverland" by Skold? I need that.

I got a lot to do before Thursday morning. A lot. *twitch* At least we have the loan of a garment bag. And we have a 'gnome to sit upon the cats.

Aaaaaagh. Six days away from home.

Note to self: Charge iPod, camera, and Clie.

Side Effect Log
Just moderate nausea thus far. EDIT (11:30): Dizzy. Floaty headspace, not dissimilar from medicine-head. Slidey. Tummyachey.

The exhaustion, as I said, can be at least mostly attributed to the AIDS Walk.

Math Saving money is hard!
This is another thing that's making me twitchy. The urge to just stop in at the bookstore when we're at the shopping center, pick a little something up. The urge to dash out to Best Buy to get the Greg the Bunny series DVD.

I shall persevere. $WINTERHOLIDAY is coming.

Speaking of which...
Don't buy your 2005 calendars yet, kids. I may have a surprise for you.
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