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Finally Friday, and about damn time!

Happy early birthday to envoy!

The Bad Side of Teacher Workdays
I have to drive to and from work, as yendi has to stay home with the kidlet. And I've been having lots of difficulty in the late afternoons.

I will leave early if I feel fogginess coming on.

The Good Side of Teacher Workdays
I get to leave the house a little later - and I can blare Flogging Molly as loud as I want to. Which I normally can't do even without yendi in the car.

Side Effect Log
Mild-to-moderate nausea. Nothing else right now, not even insomnia... phone call with Master, phone call with kires, and in bed by 10. (See, Master? I didn't stay up late talking to kires this time!) EDIT: 'k, 9:15, brain bad, words slippy. Typing words and they become different words.

This section gets updated throughout the day. It's here every day because I need to log the patterns for my neurologist.

envoy said last night that I seemed to scrupulously avoid naming Master in my journal. That's not something I've done consciously - it's just that "Master" is what I call him in my head. The only time I use his real name is when talking to wispfox, really; I use his LJname when talking to Elayna, because we know a number of people with the same real-name. But in case anyone was wondering, Master = volta. :)

kires has many mutant powers. One of them is to make me contemplate things I'd be insane to contemplate.

I'm gonna get married like a week and two days from now.


Registry and Wishlists
Because people have asked... look up yendi's name on to find the registry.

And we both link our wishlists - he on his userinfo page and me on my sidebar.

Grey twinset, jeans, Woods Hole Marine Biological Institute socks.

Swiftly by Adam Roberts, and Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Saturday: Girl Scout ice skating thing, picking up wedding dress from seamstress, dinner with envoy and his friends.
Sunday: AIDS Walk Atlanta!

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