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From the website

For people who don't follow it...

Shayara... the first city.

The Dasaroi were the firstborn of this world, and Shayara their ancestral home. Immortal, gifted with powers that modern man would term psionic, the Dasaroi lived in peace for centuries...

No one knows exactly what caused the fall of the Dasaroi, but the results are well-recorded. They were stripped of their immortality - now to be reborn throughout time, only occasionally remembering who and what they were - and the greater part of their powers.

With the advent of humans, the Dasaroi grew curious; they began to wander the world, interacting with and, eventually, interbreeding with humans. For thousands of years, their ancestry and powers remained half-forgotten, the stuff of myths and fairy tales... but eventually, those with strong Dasaroi blood began to remember, and began to return to their city, to rebuild.

For the past century, however, the Lishaya - the ancestral leader of the Dasaroi, in all lives - has been missing, and Shayara's current regime has become corrupt and decayed. Some say that it's time to defy the current Council and search for the true Lishaya...

Have you ever felt homesick for a place you've never been?

(will shut up about it for now.)
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