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Shayara Announcement!

And so it begins.


Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6 will be in stores in February.

Shooting Star #6 will include the first eight pages of Shayara. This introduction will appear nowhere else. If you want to see the story begin, you must order this comic.

It will be solicited in Previews, the monthly comics catalog, in December.

It will be solicited by Westfield Comics in November. I don't know why Westfield is doing the orders early, but they're closing out January on October 25, so I have to assume that they're closing out February around November 25.

This is how you get a copy...

1. Call your friendly neighborhood comic store. Don't know where yours is? Use the handy-dandy comic store locator. Tell them that you want this.

2. Order it online from Shooting Star.

3. I think you can order it online from Westfield Comics. I'm not sure if they have a minimum order.

4. If you're local and can give me money in advance, I can tack your order into my Westfield order. I need it in advance because they charge at the time of the order, and you need to be local because I'm not shipping them all over the country. :) (EDIT: I might, if Westfield does have a minimum order and there's nothing else you're interested in, but you'd have to PayPal me cost + postage.)

Important Note! This is a small-press book. Therefore, you cannot rely upon your comic store to order it. They might, they might not. If you want to be assured of getting it, you must actually order it.

I will continue to keep you updated. Trust me, I will let you know the very day that it becomes available for pre-order. And I ask that you spread the word.

Thank you. *bow* *goofy grin*

(No, Capri isn't in this issue, but my Julia and Tiala icons are frowny, and Capri, like me, is happy. *bounce*)

EDIT: Duh, thanks are due. Of course Miss m0usegrrl, my fabulous artist. I'd think that's be so obvious as to remain unsaid, but I want to say it anyway, because she deserves to be showered with accolades.

And thanks to my fabulous editor, for soliciting the thing in the first place and general kicking ass and stuff.
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