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Happy birthday to sophocles!

Hello to new reader gegenschein!

Huge Sale!
Amazon is selling 7 Season 1 DVD sets for $14.99 each. That includes Buffy, Roswell, Angel, 24, Simpsons, Futurama,and King of the Hill.

So if you're been looking into trying those shows, or if you're a fan and haven't started your DVD collection yet - dude! Hop to it!

Sweater Weather
I am wearing a sweater for the first time this fall. I actually didn't sleep well, because I was too cold... I woke up almost an hour early, as yendi was getting out of the shower, and said "Sweaters."


"Sweaters. Box. Downstairs."

"After I get dressed."


Fifteen minutes later, he came back to gently remind me that I ought to get out of bed. "Sweaters," I said insistently.

"I didn't know you meant now!"

"Not getting out of bed until there are sweaters."

He made there be sweaters. Scalding hot shower. Then sweater. Burgundy twinset.


My poor little nose, it is like unto an ice cube. *cry*

If yendi and Master ever succeed in getting me to move north of here, I have advised them that I will be hibernating in the winter. Tucked into a cozy warm house. Not. Going. Into. The. Cold.

Research Project
Elayna has to do a research project "that has something to do with America." So she chose a famous American - Martin Luther King. Excellent. We have a Martin Luther King history center right here in town, and she can write to Coretta Scott King...

Side Effect Log
Severe nausea. Insomnia. EDIT: Later also exhaustion (duh) and brainfog and that spelling/typing/words all slippy thing. Dizzy.
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