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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to fireborn, hjem, and rustymarble!

Hello to new reader davidcook!

Tell me stuff.

Elayna Update
First report card! They've flipflopped it - it used to be that threes were the highest grade and ones the lowest. Elayna climbed into the car saying, "Mommy, I got a lot of ones, but ones are good now!"

She did, and they are. A good balance of ones and twos. Last year, I'd've been upset by the number of twos, but this is a new level, this fourth-and-fifth-grade class. So it's natural that she's making progress in things and hasn't mastered everything. She's mastered almost everything that I know she can do.

She only got two threes - memorizing math facts and band & strings. Yes, enough kids are in band & strings that it's actually on the fourth-and-fifth-grade report card now. She got ones in all of the math basics and ones and twos in algebra and geometry and stuff, so I don't know what math facts she's not getting, but that's what parent-teacher conferences are for.

Band & strings - well, she hasn't been practicing flute at home. Because she isn't doing her homework in her after-school program. So she comes home, does homework, eats dinner, does homework, showers, goes to bed. I need to talk to her after-school care group leader about the homework thing. I mean, I appreciate the activities they're doing, but I think homework needs to be a priority.

Anyway, report card = good, overall. There shall be a treat in her future.

I miss the hell out of Master. I should be in Boston taking care of him. *fret*

Shitshitshit. Really bad side effects day. Veryvery nauseous - which sucks even more because I need more coffee, but am way too nauseous to ingest anything - and incredibly brainscattery, major difficulty concentrating. Plus exhaustion, because I've been having extreme difficulty getting to sleep... and I had a nightmare last night that I had to wrench myself out of, resulting in remaining awake for at least an hour.
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