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The time to hesitate is through.

Remember when I was pimping catvalente's chapbook?

Remember when I was pimping pre-orders of her novel, The Labyrinth?

It is now available in stores.

Can I hear a hell yeah?

Listen, I haven't read The Labyrinth (obviously, because it just came out!). But I've read one of her novellas, and I've read some of her poetry...

And I can promise you that this book will be damn good.

If you're not reading catvalente, I don't know why not. She's one of the best writers on LJ, IMO, and I'm not just talking about the fiction; her entries themselves are lyrical and wonderfully-written.

And in her fiction, she has a unique and enchanting voice.

Buy this book. Seriously. It's worth it. And this is her dream.

*bows grandiosely*
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